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Attention Frustrated Cat Guardians:

"Stop wasting money replacing carpets and furniture. Stop feeling embarrassed, exasperated, and miserable because of your cat’s 'little habit.'"

You can end your cat urine odor problems for good...even if you think you’ve already tried everything.

Dear Fellow Cat Lover,

Macho’s litter box problems took me by surprise. I grew up with cats, including my Mom’s three Persians (Persians are notorious for litter box problems) and the occasional pregnant stray my dad took in. Later, I had my own kitties.

So, I was already pretty good at correcting litter box problems and removing stubborn cat urine smell after the occasional accident.

But Macho’s problems got so bad I was seriously looking around for another home for him, even knowing he might end up living outside. Fortunately, I did find the solution. I got the disgusting old stains and odor out and Macho now uses the litter box like an angel.

I want to pass on what I learned to YOU because inappropriate urination and spraying are two of the top reasons cats are given up shelters or just kicked outside. I don’t want that to happen to you and your cat.

These Cleaning Formulas and Training Methods Saved My Carpets, My Sanity and Macho’s Cushy Lifestyle

Macho presented me with the ultimate cat urine problem: a late-neutered, semi-feral tom cat in a rented apartment with brand new furniture. Now, Macho’s pretty cool. He fears nothing (hence his name). He even plays fetch. But because he’d lived outside so long and was neutered later in life, he wasn’t fully sold on this “litter box” thing.

Oh, he started out all right. But after a few months something went haywire. Macho started piddling on the carpet in the hallway…then on the hardwood floor in the kitchen, then the sofa, on top of a cupboard, the bed, my clothes, even the tables. Talk about wanting to scream!

I tried everything that "usually" worked. But with Macho, nothing worked. I knew it wasn’t his fault, but I was so frustrated and angry. I was afraid if the landlady came over and smelled that nasty odor she might throw us out—why couldn’t Macho just understand that and stop the puddle machine already?

You Don't Have to Throw out Your Carpet or Your Cat

Removing cat urine? Training a cat? Are you serious?

How many times have you bought some new cleaner thinking this will be the one that finally works...only to get a whiff of that tell-tale odor a few days later or worse, find a yellow puddle in the same spot the next morning. It is exasperating.

As I found out the hard way, the old stand-bys like vinegar and baking soda sort of work on fresh stains, but the odor comes back. Not all pet odor removers work on cat urine, either. And those last-resort, heavy-duty efforts like chlorine bleach soaks and professional steam cleaning will never work on cat urine. The reason is that the chemical composition of cat urine makes it much harder to remove than dog, ferret, or baby urine.

And replacing items?

Unless you know how to clean the peed-upon item, the only other option is replacing it. Paying thousands to replace sofas, rugs, bedding and even clothes is bad enough, but one day kitty may wet on something you can’t replace.

It happened to me—one fine morning I awoke to discover that Macho had peed on my laptop. The laptop survived only because most of the urine was absorbed by a notebook that contained a month's worth of notes from a language course I was taking. That went in the trash. At that moment, I thought, “I cannot live like this. If something doesn’t work this week, I can’t keep this cat anymore.”

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Cat Urine Odor Can Drive you Out of your Mind… but the problem is 100% solvable.

The vet had some good theories on why Macho was free-styling it all over the house, but his suggestions for stopping it hadn’t worked. I searched online for more solutions, but most of the information I found only covered the common problems I already knew how to solve.

It took some serious searching and asking around (vets, behaviorists, breeders) before I started to get anywhere. But eventually, I did. I even figured out exactly why Macho wet on my laptop and solved that particular problem one day.

I passed the info I collected on to friends, my parents who have four cats, and frustrated folks on cat-related forums, and had a chance to get feedback about what was working and what wasn't. As I dug in deeper, I learned this problem is far more complex than I’d suspected.

Did you know there are 11 different categories of reasons for cats’ inappropriate urination? Some are health related, some are psychological, and some you might not think of in a million years, but they are all correctable.

The problem is that as obvious as they are to the cat, we humans are usually totally oblivious to them. Take just the litter box itself. There are 6 different factors that can make or break a litter box. Sometimes changing just one thing about the litter pan can make all the difference. And, of course, that’s just the beginning.

I’ll tell you exactly how to determine what’s causing your cat’s problem, what to do about it, and how to get rid of that disgusting cat urine smell permanently.

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"Cat Urine Problems Eliminated: Stop Cat Urine Odor Problems for Good even if you think you’ve tried everything."

Solving a cat urine odor problem is a two-step process:

Step 1) Get rid of the the stains and smell

Step 2) Stop your cat from doing it again

Step 1: You can get your house smelling normal again

I’ll give you two cheap, easy-to-make recipes for effective home-made cat urine cleaner using stuff you probably have at home already. I’ll also tell you which commercial cleaners really work on cat urine. Unlike some guides, I won't try to sell you one brand of cleaner just to get a commission.

And I describe step by step the exact procedures for completely removing all traces of cat urine stains and odors from wide variety of items without damaging them.

I had a professional cleaning company quote over $1,000 for implementing just one of these solutions. Yeah, it works, but jeez, you don’t need to pay a grand for it. (You can buy the stuff at a hardware store and apply yourself even if you’re a total klutz at DIY jobs.)

Get stain-free, fresh-smelling:

  • Carpets
  • Upholstery
  • Wood flooring and furniture
  • Leather furniture and clothing
  • Clothes, shoes, and bedding
  • Mattresses
  • Laminate flooring (This is a tough one!)
  • Clay tile
  • Concrete
  • Screen doors
  • Marble
  • How to instantly pin-point every trace of cat urine without sniffing the carpet or furniture (p.20)

  • Two highly effective homemade cleaners and the exact cleaning procedures for using them. (p.21)

  • The top eight commercial cleaners for cat urine. Don't waste money and time with cleaners that don't work. (p.26)

  • Two common household cleaners you should never use on cat urine. These will only encourage your cat to strike again! (p.39)

Step 2: You can get your cat to use the litter box without fail. In Cat Urine Problems Eliminated, you'll discover...

  • 11 different types of problems that may be causing your cat's inappropriate urination or spraying. I’ve grouped the causes for inappropriate urination into 11 general categories, but I go into the specifics of each one because altogether there are literally dozens of causes.
  • How to quickly and easily identify exactly which one of these problems is causing your cat to urinate where she shouldn’t. Also find out which causes require immediate medical attention.
  • A six-point litter box check list. Easily set up the litter box to attract your cat…instead of repel her.
  • How to re-train your out-of-practice adult cat on the litter box.
  • Why fur-type and tail-type can cause litter box problems and what to do about it.
  • Seemingly minor household issues that can seriously upset your cat and cause her to piddle in protest. You'll learn how to calm your kitty so she'll stop that.
  • How to deal with spraying even if your cat’s already been neutered or spayed.
  • Techniques for solving litter box problems in multi-cat households.
  • Tips for dealing with litter box problems of disabled, declawed, and elderly cats.


  • Three types of litter that can harm your cat. Unfortunately, not all litters are safe for all cats. (p.44)

  • A type of food that can greatly reduce the risk of future litter box problems. (p.5)

I will admit, though, this book isn’t perfect. Cats who have litter box problems sometimes have other behavior problems like scratching on the furniture or biting. Sometimes these problems are interconnected. This book doesn’t go into those issues, though. It just gets straight to the point to help you solve your cat urine problems as fast as possible.

Your Cat Urine Problems Will End!

I guarantee you'll be ecstatic with the results of Cat Urine Problems Eliminated or your money back. Sure, it's only around $9 bucks, but if I can't solve your cat urine smell and litter box problems, I don't want to keep a penny of your money.

"Eliminate Your Cat Urine Problems Now!"

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I want you to reach that moment when you think, “Thank gawd, it worked!” You'll know you can relax and enjoy life with your cat. You'll no longer have family members or roommates irritated with you and your cat. You can forget about stressing over stains and odor or feeling guilty for wanting to banish your cat to the backyard or give her up to a shelter.

Don’t wait until kitty pees your photo album, your favorite jacket, or your digital camera. You can solve this problem before that.

This is an instant download, so you can have those odors out in a matter of a few hours from now.

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P.S. A single bottle of commercial pet odor remover (that may or may not work) can cost more than $20. Pulling up and replacing the carpet costs a little bit more. But a fresh smelling house and a cat who always uses the litter box…priceless! :-)


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