Is My Cat Peeing on the Floor Because He’s Mad at Me?


The short answer is…no. The long answer is that you may have done something to upset the cat and, in effect, caused the inappropriate urination behavior. From a human perspective, wetting on someone’s floor or furniture sounds like a reasonable form of passive-aggressive revenge for a creature that can’t talk and only weighs nine pounds. […]

How to Encourage Your Cat to Drink Enough Water (and Prevent Litter Box Problems!)


Overall, a cat is around 80 percent water. That’s an even higher percentage than we humans are at around 65 percent (or even the popularly assumed 2/3rds, the average for most lifeforms). Needless to say, a creature who contains that much water is in trouble if they don’t take in enough fluids. Severe dehydration isn’t […]

Top 4 Myths About Why Cats Urinate in the House

Mythbuster Kitty

Like with any other aspect of pet care, there are a lot of myths surrounding the problem of cats urinating in the house, whether on floors, furniture, clothing, beds or elsewhere. Part of the problem comes from false assumptions that cats think and behave like dogs or people. Since cats don’t come with an owner’s […]

Tips on Using Baking Soda for Cat Urine Odor Removal

Baking soda in bowl

Baking soda is a valuable weapon in the battle against cat urine odors. In fact, the properties of this substance are widely touted, if not perhaps a little exaggerated. Browse around online and you’d get the idea that sodium bicarbonate, a compound of sodium, hydrogen and carbon, can not only whip up meals and clean […]

The Dangers Of Cat Urine: Why You Must Eliminate Cat Urine Odor From Your Home

Man in gas mask to avoid cat urine odor.

Cat pee isn’t just disgusting, it can harm your health, too. The dangers of cat urine aren’t always obvious, though. No doubt you realize that cat urine, like all human and animal waste, carries bacteria that could cause illness. So you dutifully wear gloves when cleaning up kitty’s “accidents” and while washing the mops, sponges […]

Why Do Cats Pee On Furniture? Find Out So You Can Solve the Problem!

Understanding the root causes of why cats pee on furniture is essential if you’re ever going to get your cat to stop piddling on your sofa, armchairs, ottomans, beds, computer desk, coffee tables and just about everything else. First of all, cats may exhibit a change in urination behavior due to a health problem, so […]