How Do You Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell for Good? Find Out!

Struggle with cat urine smell long enough and it can start to seem like you’ll never really get rid of the odor entirely. Even asking “How do you get rid of cat urine smell?” feels like a waste of time. If you’re getting frustrated, rest assured that is possible to eliminate cat urine odor without getting rid of your cat. The only thing standing between you and a fresh smelling home free of cat pee smell is the right cleaning solution and proper cat “management.”

Why Cat Urine is So Stubborn

Cat urine really does cling to most surfaces. The uric acid in cat urine forms crystals that adhere almost anywhere they’re put and are impervious to water and most cleaning solutions. It’s these crystals that produce that unmistakable pungent cat pee odor. Other components in urine create the stains, so while it’s fairly easy to get the stains out, removing the smell is a lot tougher. In order to get rid of cat urine smell, you need something capable of breaking down the crystals on a chemical level.

Homemade Cat Urine Removal Recipes

A number of other fairly common household products can help you clean up the stains and smells. These include vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, liquid Castile soap, hydrogen peroxide and certain types of mouthwash. Usually, one of these ingredients alone won’t help much. The right amount in the right combination with other ingredients either boosts the mixture’s overall cleaning power or creates a chemical reaction that breaks up and lifts out the cat urine crystals.

You can work with a proven-effective recipe or experiment to come up with your own. Just use some precautions when you create your own blends. Never mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide or you’ll end up with peracetic acid, which is corrosive and toxic. Storing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide in a closed bottle will cause a fizzy, messy explosion. It’s also important to use the gentlest natural cleaners on delicate materials like silk. White vinegar is safe for almost all items, although brown vinegar may stain.

Commercial Cat Urine Removal Products

Look for pet urine odor removal products in the pet supply store or other store’s cleaning supply section and you’ll find most of them credit enzymes for their effectiveness. These cleaners use naturally occurring proteins (enzymes) that break down organic material including urine, sweat, blood and vomit. Not all of these products totally eliminate cat urine, though. Some are just too weak. Others contain the wrong kind of enzymes. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down protein stains like urine, although amylase, which breaks down starch, may also help. Avoid using large amounts of protease-based enzyme cleaners on your carpets and furniture, though, because inhaling these enzymes for an extended period can irritate your airways. The right cleaning procedure is crucial with enzyme products. They need to remain damp for at least 12 hours in order to effectively get rid of cat urine smell.

Although these cleaning products should do the trick if used correctly, you’ll also need to pin-point and deal with the reason your cat’s peeing in the house. You can solve your cat’s inappropriate urination problems and get your home completely free of cat urine odors, but the solutions may not always be obvious. Instead of wasting time learning by trial and error, read the book Cat Urine Problems Eliminated to discover proven-effective ways to retrain your cat and regain your home.

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    • Hmm. Well, what you’d be using on cat urine would be hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into water. Not to mention you’ll want the lower-percent stuff you use as a disinfectant (on cuts, etc.), not the higher-percent type you’d use to bleach hair. Of course, it is a strong oxidant, but that’s why it works.

      If you’re concerned, though, you could try Nature’s Miracle cleaners. Those have a good reputation for effectiveness on pet stains and they’re environmentally friendly.

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