Effective Ways to Get Rid of Cat Urine on a Hardwood Floor

Orange tabby cat sitting on wood floor.

Overall, hardwood floors are fairly durable and easy to maintain, but cat urine is a still a formidable opponent for any surface. Whether yours are the popular oak or maple floors or you have a pricier wood like teak or black walnut, you’ll need to use some care to get the stubborn cat pee smell […]

Why is Cat Urine So Strong? Find Out So You Can Get Rid of It Faster!

If you’ve ever cared for a baby or a dog, you’ve probably noticed the odor of their accidents isn’t nearly as strong or hard to remove as cat urine odor. So a lot of cat caretakers are left wondering why is cat urine so strong and stubborn. It’s a good question because knowing the answer […]

How to Play with Your Cat to Prevent Behavior Problems

Tips on playing with your cat might seem out of place on a site about preventing litter box problems, but there is a clear connection. Just like in dogs and for that matter, people, boredom can lead to behavior problems. Keeping your cat busy helps reduce the risk not only of inappropriate urination, but also […]

How to Make Sure Your Enzyme Cleaner Actually Does the Job

Enzyme cleaners, also called enzymatic cleaners, are among of the most effective products you can use to get rid of cat urine odor and stains. Or at least, they have the potential to be effective when you use them right. The problem is using these cleaners is a little bit tricky. Why Your Enzyme Cleaner […]

The Most Realistic Options for Cleaning Cat Urine

If you’ve already tried cleaning cat urine using the common suggestions floating around the internet, you’ve probably realized many of those suggestions just don’t work. There are two types of cat urine cleaning tips: The Useless — Cleaning methods that don’t work at all or even do more harm than good. Ammonia is a good […]

How to Choose a Cat Litter Both You and Your Kitty Will Love

Walk into a pet store or just browse the pet products aisle of your local supermarket, and chances are you’ll be confronted with at least five different types of cat litter, if not 10 or 15. All of them claim to be the least messy, least smelly, and the best for your cat’s health. With […]